The T Works is your partner for language services

The T Works, since 2006 with a team of 20 employees. In addition to highly qualified translators and proofreaders, our team includes skilful project managers, IT specialists, desktop publishing (DTP) and quality management professionals as well as marketing specialists and vendor managers. 

Translating and localising in over 100 language pairs

We only accept experienced translators and proofreaders with proven professional qualifications in our large pool of freelancers and translation teams with numerous language pairs. We now offer our clients more than 100 combinations in European languages. 

Technical implementation and DTP services

Our DTP professionals customise your documents individually. Whether it be marketing material, technical manuals or commercial contracts, a suitable localisation always requires a new design and adaptation to country-specific formats. These include dates, time, currency and measurement units, applicable standards and regulations or colour codes. This is the only way to make it understandable and applicable in the target countries.

Process strategy development and coordination

As modern translation service providers, we are an all-rounder company and do not limit ourselves to translating a document and returning it by e-mail. Our team independently develops a strategy to execute complete projects, translating hundreds of documents or pages for websites in different languages.

Project development and quality management

As soon as we accept a project, we carefully select appropriate specialists, delegate tasks and make sure to stick to deadlines. The documents are checked once again in-house to ensure the consistency and quality of the translations. This saves you many processes and you can concentrate on your daily business instead. 

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