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The more you read a text you wrote yourself, the more errors you miss. The more employees work on one document, the more inconsistent the style becomes. The same goes for websites and blogs: a professional should handle the proofreading. Take advantage of our thorough proofreading before you publish your texts, especially for business communication and marketing. Error-free advertisements, press releases and articles make your brand and reputation stronger. 

Do you need a proofreader for your international business translations?  We will gladly provide you with the best suited specialist from our pool, who is a native speaker of the language needed and has great linguistic skills.  Most often, these employees have lived abroad and are familiar with the cultural backgrounds in order to adapt translations to the specific target group. You decide whether the proofreader should change the texts, shorten them or work on the style and content. If you wish, the proofreader will not check the style, but only correct spelling and punctuation. Thereby also ensuring consistent formatting of graphic elements. 

Is your text not at all or only partly translated? We offer the perfect combination of translating and editing. There is no need to contact various service providers; our project manager will organise it all for you. Our experienced employees will also help you revise the language on your website with their linguistic expertise. This allows you to see your documents in print and web!


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