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Subtitling is a demanding art and is the last step in a series of processes. Our aim is to always depict the speaker's actual message, without misrepresenting statements and we only have very little space for subtitling. Whether a video, webinar or a DVD, we have a lot of experience in subtitling in numerous languages. A whole team works together hand-in-hand to create two sentences out of complex information that appear at the bottom of the screen.  Our experts ensure smooth operation.

How do you develop subtitles for an international audience? The primary stages are: transcription, translation, proofreading and technical adaptation. First of all, the transcriber writes down the spoken material; correctly paying attention to and writing down linguistic, dialectic and regional characteristics. With regard to the available length at hand, the translator transfers the text into the foreign language. The proofreaders take care of the fine tuning. They must assess which parts of the text are more important for the target group, shorten and rewrite.  

We use professional tools for the technical adaptation. Our experienced professionals take care of the timing, positioning and framing. All projects focus on bringing audiovisual content to the point in writing; at exactly the right time, precisely and appropriately expressed and suitable for the cultural background of the audience. 

Are you looking for a partner that fulfils all of these demanding tasks to your complete satisfaction and at an affordable price? Then contact us and we will gladly convince you of our high quality subtitling solutions.


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