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Benefit from our fast and accurate transcriptions of audiovisual media as an individual service or primary stage of a translation. Do you want to put a webinar on paper and continue to use it offline? Do your TV or radio reports need to be transcribed? Are you documenting film or audio recordings in writing? Our experts are specialised in transcribing and bring a new style to your information.

A perfect transcription is also important when translating audiovisual data. This is why, at the beginning of each project, the spoken text is carefully transcribed into written form word for word, without any deviations. We only hire experienced native speakers to transcribe in order to rule out any possible misunderstandings in listening comprehension. 

Our translators transfer the transcripts to the foreign language and find the right words for your target audience. We carefully examine all transcriptions of videos, online media or dubbing and place emphasis on a linguistically impeccable document. We recommend our technical translators for promotional films or advertisements; they also keep a close eye on the transcreation while transcribing.


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